First and important note, for a clean and comparable test please try to disable tasks (e. g. virus scanners) which are not needed here.

After you have downloaded the compressed file, extract the tg2bench_v20061227.tgd benchmark file to any folder of your choice.

Start Terragen 2 and open the .tgd test file. Then, go to "Renderers" section, choose "/Full Render" and finally the "Render Image" button. No other setting may be changed. See this screenshot for details:

Click thumbnail image to see full-sized version.

That's it... Make sure that the rendering screen does look like this:

Click thumbnail image to see full-sized version.

Please also make sure that the number of micro-triangles matches to the predicted value (see result table). This number can be understood as a checksum.

Finally, please send the result including the information about the used hardware to If you are unsure about the hardware specifications, you can try the diagnostic program CPU-Z. The .exe file can be executed directly without any installation, so it will not harm your system.

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